Dieter Koch

The Star of Bethlehem

ISBN: 978-3-931806-09-5, 273 pages

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In The Days of Herod  10

Herod's Death

Quirinius and the Census

30 Years before the 15th Year of Tiberius

The Crucifixion and the Eclipse

Jesus’ Birth Date according to Early Christian Authors

The magi From the East   22

Priests and Astrologers from Ancient Persia

Zoroaster’s Prophecy of a Redeemer

The Redeemer Figure Mithras

The “Star out of Jacob”

Priests in Search of Holy Children

Myth and a Grain of Truth

The Star in its Rising

Why the Star has no Name

Heliacal Rising

The “Time of the Appearing Star”

All Boys, two Years old and under

A Predictable Celestial Phenomenon?

The Star Went Ahead of Them...

...and Stopped Over the Place

Traditional TheorieS   62


Novae and Supernovae

A Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction?

The Venus-Jupiter Conjunction of the 17th June, 2BCE

An Occultation of Jupiter by the Moon?

Star-shaped Aspect Figures

ON The importance of venus in Ancient times   80

Prejudices against Venus as the Star of the Messiah

Venus as a Female and Male Planet

Venus in Hellenistic Astrology

Venus in Babylonian Astrology

Venus-Ishtar and the “Mother of God”

Venus in Zoroastrianism

Venus in Mithraism

Venus as The Star of the Messiah   80 In Ancient israel

Herald of Dawn

Planet of the Reign of a King

“Horn” and “Lamp”

The King as “Son of God”

Abraham’s Birth Star

The Pillar of Fire and Cloud

Yahweh, the Lord of Hosts

Ashtoreth-Asherah, Queen of Heaven

The Date of Birth of Jesus   100

Historical Truth of Fiction?

Jesus as the Morning Star, after B.A. Killian’s Theory

A Woman, Clothed with the Sun…

Born on New Year’s Day

before Sunrise

Attempts at an Astronomical Interpretation of Revelation 12

The Madonna as a Zodiac Sign in the Visual Arts

Crescent and Star

Connections to the Cult of Isis

Does Revelation 12 accord with Jesus’ Birth and Course of Life?

Some More pieces of the puzzle   100

Luke and the Star of the Messiah

Several Stars in Ascent

Virgin Birth

“A Star and a Sceptre”

Joseph’s Dream

Elizabeth and Mary

John the Baptist and Jesus

Year Weeks and Years of Jubilee

what does ancient astrology teach us?   100

Jesus’ Astrological Birth Chart

Methodological Considerations

What do Present-Day Astrologers Say about this Birth Chart?

What does Ancient Astrology Say?

Births of Kings according to Vettius Valens

Two Chart Readings according to Ancient Teachings

An Astrologically Highly Significant Date?


The Morning Star in JesusBiography   128

Morning Star, Crucifixion, and Resurrection

The Morning Star and the Second Coming of Christ

The four Horsemen of the Abpocalypse

The Ideal Astrological Chart of the Second Coming

The Ideal Birth Chart of the Messiah

The Morning Star and the Baptism of Jesus


Hellenistic Chart Reading by Chris Brennan

Hellenistic Chart Reading by Rafael Gil Brand




 Dieter Koch

The Star of Bethlehem

ISBN: 978-3-931806-09-5, 273 pages

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