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Authors: Margaret Jaques & Dieter Koch, Zurich, Switzerland. Please report any errors to .

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(h=ḫ; c=š; s,=ṣ; t,=ṭ; aa=ā; aaa=â; etc.; :MU4; "to know)

št→lt etc. 
bb→mb etc. 

stative active

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Version of 22 September 2021

- Verbs starting with r (CDA) complete.

Version of 19 September 2021

- Better search function: "haraarum" will find šuḫarrurum and šuḫrurum, "kalaamum" will find kullumum.
- Verbs starting with s (CDA) complete.

Version of 16 September 2021

- Verbs starting with ṣ (CDA) complete.

Version of 5 September 2021

Version of 12 September 2021

- Bugs fixed: stative of e verbs, št -> lt, Dtt stem.
- Better handling of verbs or verb forms with a non-human subject.
- Verbs starting with š (CDA) complete.

Version of 5 September 2021

New verbs:
- arārum (2), na'arrurum.
- Verbs starting with t (CDA) complete.

Version of 23 August 2021

- Nt stem implemented.
- DRt stem implemented (with danānum, zakārum, tamûm, elûm (= utlellûm), kullumum).
- Verbs starting with w improved.
- Verbs starting with ṭ, w, z (CDA) complete.

Version of 11 August 2021

- new handling of alternative verb stems, see, e.g., alālum I ("hang").
- obsolete program options "toggle e/a", "w→’", "w→m" have been removed.
- R stem implemented according to Huehnergard, p. 463f.
- verbs added: danānum, g/qarārum, madādum, magārum, namāšum, šaḫururum/šuḫarrurum, šaqululum/šuqallulum

Version of 29 July 2021

- new program options:
 - "toggle e/a": e.g., šemûm → šamûm, išemme → išamme
 - alternative vowels a/u, i/i can be selected with some verbs.
 - new search feature for logograms, with initial ":", e.g., :ZU .
 - new search feature for english meanings, with initial ", e.g., "to lift .
- verbs added:
 abātum II ("flee"), kašādum, rabûm, râmum, ramûm, rašûm, riāšum, rêqum, šalāmum, šalāṭum, šamārum (I, II)

Version of 24 July 2021

- new program options: št→lt etc., lt→ss, w→’, w→m, bb→mb etc.

Version of 20 July 2021

- BVC can handle the Dtt stem

Version of 13 July 2021

- Verbs added: redûm, reḫûm, šaqûm, šarāpum, šarûm.

Version of 21 February 2021,

- Verb kanûm, kunnûm added.

Version of 19 January 2021

- Handling of direct object suffixes has been improved, including their translation.
- Verb labāšum has been added.

Version of 3 December 2020

- Almost all paradigms of von Soden and Huehnergard are now available in BVC, in addition to other verbs.

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