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Authors: Margaret Jaques & Dieter Koch, Zurich, Switzerland. Please, report any errors to .

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About this project

The Babylonian Verb Conjugator and Analyser (BVC, BVA) provides information the conjugation, construction and meaning of ideally all Akkadian verbs based on the following dictionaries:

Advantages of this tool:

BVC should not be considered a dictionary of verbs. If you want to determine the exact meaning of a verb, please look it up in the dictionaries above.

Further plans

BVC could be improved considerably:

Currently, we cannot do this due to a lack of finances. Any help is appreciated.

Release history

Version of 29 October 2021

- Bug fix: Dative suffix now possible without ventive.

Version of 20 October 2021

- Some errors in verb data corrected.

Version of 14 October 2021

- Verbs (CDA) complete, except some for which only statives or infinitives are attested.
- Search function further improved. Radicals can be entered instead of infinitive. Wildcard "x" can be used.
- For each verb, the paradigm in Huehnergard is indicated, if existing, with page number in the 2nd and 3rd editions (2005 and 2011).
- Some errors in verb data (babverbdata.js) corrected.

Version of 7 October 2021 (2)

- Some verbs now have active stative automatically.
English translations of stative forms usually do not express the stative character well. However, activity and passivity should be handled correctly.

Version of 1 October 2021

- Search function further improved: radicals can be entered in search field.

Version of 26 September 2021

- Ntn stem of verbs primae n now without assimilation of n (Huehnergard p. 450).

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