Babylonian Verb Conjugator (BVC) (under construction)
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Authors: Margaret Jaques & Dieter Koch, Zurich, Switzerland. Please report any errors to .

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(ḫ=h, š=c, ṣ=S, ṭ=T, ā=aa, â=aaa, etc.)

št→lt etc. 
bb→mb etc. 

stative active

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Version of 24 July 2021

- new program options: št→lt etc., lt→ss, w→’, w→m, bb→mb etc.

Version of 20 July 2021

- BVC can handle the Dtt stem

Version of 13 July 2021

- Verbs added: redûm, reḫûm, šaqûm, šarāpum, šarûm.

Version of 21 February 2021,

- Verb kanûm, kunnûm added.

Version of 19 January 2021

- Handling of direct object suffixes has been improved, including their translation.
- Verb labāšum has been added.

Version of 3 December 2020

- Almost all paradigms of von Soden and Huehnergard are now available in BVC, in addition to other verbs.

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